Bar Nuda, Los Angeles’ newest and only Mexican inspired non-alcoholic pop-up, is redefining the way we drink in any social setting. Bar Nuda provides a unique space with beverages that promote wellness and healing. Each handcrafted cocktail has a functional objective in mind (i.e. relaxation, concentration, rejuvenation, etc.) and is made with mindfully sourced ingredients.Founders Morris Ellis & Pablo Murillo aim to create a comfortable space for the sober, sober-curious, and for those looking to enjoy high quality zero-proof creations. This is a place where moderation is celebrated and where one can enjoy a night out without worrying about feeling terrible the next day.At the helm of the cocktail program is Bryant J. Orozco, a seasoned bartender and curator (previously at Mírame Beverly Hills and Madre Oaxacan Restaurant) spends his time between Los Angeles and Mexico investigating the myriad of beverages found throughout different regions and cultures of Mexico. He is currently working on his latest project, a docuseries on fermented Mexican beverages called “Last Call: Mexico,” which is a testament to his passion for the craft and his commitment to understanding the history and culture of the beverages he creates.Yeniffer Martinez is the director behind Bar Nuda’s aesthetic. Her eye for authenticity stems from her family and background from La Sierra Norte, Oaxaca and for her love of tradition. With her experience in design and the creation of ambiance in various spaces, she is the perfect fit for creating the atmosphere at Bar Nuda. She works directly with artisan families to hand select our clay containers and designed our arrangements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another world, one where wellness and healing are at the forefront.Bar Nuda is shaking up the hospitality industry by focusing on an often overlooked realm of non-alcoholic cocktails. But as more guests seek out ways to have a good time without the negative impact and consequences of heavy drinking, spaces like Bar Nuda will become increasingly important.Whether you're sober, sober-curious, or just looking for a new kind of drinking experience, Bar Nuda will provide the space and environment to create these experiences to remember. With a unique approach to cocktails and commitment to wellness, these cocktails are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.Bienvenidos a Bar Nuda and cheers to a new kind of bar experience!